Just a few I told myself
Just a small amount
It’ll relieve the pain
Well it got outta hand.

One turned to hundred
And now lies hundred and eight regrets
Something I cant take back
A hundred and eight fresh early scars
Just on my forearms

I can’t take it back
But I sure as hell…

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Questions I Can’t Answer.


Am I sane,
Or completely insane?
Am I alive,
Or am I dead?

Can what’s done
Ever be undone?
Can what’s said
Ever be unsaid?

Did I die that night?
Was I even there?
Was I just in my head?
Or is this what’s it’s like to be dead?

I feel lost and insecure.
Not intentionally,
I don’t even know why.
Why do I have urges to just die?
-Tilly Ann

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Drip drip,
Tick tick,
Click click,

Inhale, exhale
As my mind races.
Left to right,
My eyes pace.

I’m alone,
Empty home,
All alone,
I’d never condone.

Where do I go?
Who’d listen?
Who would I bother?
Who’d stop me?

Four red lines,
And counting.
“I’m fine”
And crumbling.

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I am so sorry to all the people I hurt while I was hurting.

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